The Good Stuff Takes Time

We can do so many tasks at lightning speed, but the good stuff like starting a business, mending relationships, getting out of debt, growing in Christ, and learning new skills all takes time. What goals are you working towards? What are you waiting for?

Fighting Fear With Love

Good or bad, right or wrong, we are to love each other. It’s that simple. We don’t have to approve of lifestyles. It doesn’t matter if skin tone is different from ours. We aren’t asked to be judge or jury for a person’s character. We have to love one another. #AllLivesMatter #LoveOneAnother

10 Ways to Live On Less

Starting a home business, becoming a one-income family, paying off existing debt or boosting a savings account are all grand aspirations. Right now you may think none of these are likely given your current financial situation. However, nothing is impossible. Take a look at these 10 Ways to Live On Less and start working towards your goals today!