Keynotes, Workshops and Seminars

While Ms. Waters limits the amount of time spent traveling, she welcomes the opportunity to speak to your church group, civic organization or business, if any of her inspirational topics are of interest.

Provide and Prosper: Faith-Based Lessons to Live Richly on Less

This seminar helps households reduce one of their biggest expenses-the grocery budget-using scripture, basic economic principals and money-savings strategies. Families facing lean times or those who wish to become better stewards of God’s gifts can learn to live full, rich lives and have charitable hearts through the principals and tools learned here.


Greater Than Rubies

Proverbs 31:10-31 sets the bar rather high for all women, but is it even possible to be worth far more than rubies with the demands of modern society? Absolutely! Designed for single women and young mothers, this motivational talk shares 12 steps to becoming a wife of noble character by examining our role within three core areas of our lives; self, family and others.


Freedom of Forgiveness

Forgiving others is not an option, it’s a command, but how often are we weighed down with emotional baggage that prevents us from reaping the full benefits of reconciliation?  This presentation examines the barriers, empowerment and blessings in the freedom of forgiveness.


Making Disciples

We can’t fully carry out the Great Commission if we haven’t a clue of how to make disciples. So how and where do we start gathering these followers of Christ so we can teach them? This talk explores four ways to put us on the right path to making disciples.

  Please contact Shari to discuss the possibility of guest speaking and we’ll contact you within 48 hours of receiving your request.