Pursuing dreams and working towards important goals often require sacrifices. The act of giving up something, in order to achieve a desire, becomes less difficult when we place a strong value on what we wish to accomplish. It becomes rather easy to let go of this idea, or that item, so we can turn a dream into a reality. Several years ago, we began working on a plan to move closer to my husband’s parents who were both battling cancer. At the time, we were supporting our four children, as well as two additional family members, on one-income and a fledgling home business. Money was tight. Our oldest son would soon begin college in a town neighboring my in-laws’ so we purchased a second home nearby. It was a diamond-in-the-rough but served several purposes. That home helped establish residency for the upcoming out-of-state tuition we were facing and it served as a place to stay during our frequent visits. It also became our primary home when we made the move permanent. I was astounded when someone remarked that we must be wealthy. After all, we owned two homes and traveled to another state several times each month.  It couldn’t have been further from the truth. That person didn’t realize the sacrifices made to achieve such a goal. They didn’t know our motivation. There were three important factors at work which helped us accomplish our desires. First, we had faith God would take care of us if we were doing the right thing. Second, we were willing to give our time, money and ourselves to help others. And finally, we simply lived on less. Starting a home business, becoming a one-income family, paying off existing debt or boosting a savings account are all grand aspirations. Right now you may think none of these are likely given your current financial situation. However, nothing is impossible. Take a look at these 10 Ways to Live On Less and start working towards your goals today!   What is your biggest dream and how are you working towards achieving it? Share it with us in the comments below.

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