Shari Waters married at a young age and had two babies before even turning twenty. Those difficult early years eventually unfolded to more prosperous times. The couple added two more children and opened their home to other family members. For many years, she felt as though she were shopping and cooking for an army. After working 15 years in retail, Shari went back to school and received a marketing degree. In 1998, she began working from home. At that time she started her own website development and marketing firm to help start-up companies and small businesses build an online presence. Over the last decade she has written hundreds of non-fiction articles on a vast array of topics. She specifically wrote about starting and operating a retail business for, a New York Times Company, for more than five years. In addition to developing websites, helping authors self-publish and church communications and ministry marketing, Shari also teaches others how to shop for savings.
I understand that balancing work and raising kids requires an extraordinary amount of skill. You are constantly being pulled in several directions and the most important person that keeps it all going—you—often takes a back seat to everyone’s needs. Because I have supported a family while continuing my education, received government assistance, lived off one income while trying to maintain two mortgages, homeschooled four kids and survived all these adventures – I feel I’m qualified (and somewhat obligated) to share with others how it’s possible to maintain a household and successfully manage a business while raising a family.